Dec 30 2007

Bestest Christmas Ever

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Every year I write that this was the best Christmas ever, and every year it’s true. Dixon was really into it: looking forward to Santa, leaving cookies out for him, helping pick out presents, the whole nine yards. And Grayson, like any respectable nearly-one-year-old, derived thrill from playing with ribbons, bows, and boxes. And whatever big brother happened to be playing with.

We continued our new tradition: Christmas Eve at our house with my side of the family, followed by waking early to see what Santa left, a hearty pancake breakfast, then off to the valley on Christmas Day to see all the Smiths.

Cuddling with Pops, watching a Mickey Mouse Christmas.

Eating bows and playing with Baby Lion.

The hit of Christmas Eve was the Diego Talking Rescue Center.

Christmas Day in Riverdale

I caught Grandma kissing Santa Claus

Cutest drummer ever.

Braving the 28 degree morning to ride the coolest jeep ever.

Cousin Calvin came over and the boys took turns driving the jeep.

Dec 28 2007

safe at home

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We’re home. Many of you probably didn’t even know we left :) But after checking the headlines and discovering that six people died in car accidents this week, I thought you’d be happy to know that it wasn’t us.

Back to work in 4 days, 6 hours, and counting!

Dec 23 2007

Anniversary Shoutout

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Today is my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. Wow. I have a few boxes of old family photos but didn’t have their wedding pictures. Here’s a snapshot from 1978, with the three of us at Cousin Johnette’s wedding.

Dec 22 2007

A ghost from Christmas past

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Whilst digging around for my parent’s wedding photos (of which I found none), I came across these Christmas gems. Good times…

One of my mom’s signature cookie exchange parties, 1998.



Me (and my Christmas dress) and Grandpa Herbie, 1983

Apparently, I got clothes for Christmas and all Brad got was a tangle of cords. 1983.

Brad, unknown date.

Boy, I sure got a lot of stuff when I was the only child. 1980

Tara, 1982.

Dec 22 2007

Happy 11 month birthday, Grayson!

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A mere 335 days ago, Grayson Scott burst into this world kicking and screaming.

Day 1, in the NICU with feeding tube in.

Last week:

His new trick is opening up the drawer in the couch and climbing in, or using the extra two inches of height to steal brother’s snacks.

Dec 22 2007


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WTH!! Three days ago, I took the boys for an outing up the coast. We went to the Sweet Springs Nature Reserve in Los Osos, but it was too cold to stay long. (And there was poison oak.) So we went to Morro Bay, picked up some nachos and fish tacos at Taco Temple, and played at Cloister Park for a bit. From there we walked to the beach and the boys played in the sand for a bit. They were super-tired and fell asleep as soon as I got them back into the van, so I drove further north to Ragged Point to see the Elephant Seals. It’s been over a year since our last visit there. Anyhoo, there was a two-day-old seal pup nursing off its momma and I got a good shot of it and sent it to the Tribune. The very next day there’s an article in the paper about the beginning of the Elephant Seals’ birthing season. Sheesh. I tipped them off and those dirty rats didn’t even publish my picture.

Perhaps they didn’t like my caption: “Breast is best, even for the Elephant Seal.”

Dec 19 2007

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I could write a book full of wacky comments made to me by well-meaning passersby when I’m out with the boys. I usually get “you sure have your hands full”, but today at Costco someone asked, “are they twins?” I just laughed and said, no, they’re two years apart. And a couple of onlookers laughed too. I felt a little bad for the elderly commenter, but come on. Twins? Cutest boys ever, yes. Twins, no.

Shameless plug alert:
The hats got no less than six compliments. I don’t remember where Dixon’s came from, but Gray’s puppy-dog headgear is courtesy of a fellow slo county mommie at Little Watkins.

Dec 19 2007

we heart Papa Brent

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Dec 18 2007

the iToddler

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Rocking out to his favorite band, Imagination Movers, on my iPod. He’d fit right in at Poly now… 99% of the students walk around with iPods in their ears (or riding their bikes into our van). And at the rate we’re going, he’ll be accepted for admission as a student before we make it off the wait list to the preschool.

Dec 17 2007


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I haven’t made one of my trademarked slideshows in a long while, so here you go. If you prefer to download the whole big quicktime .mov file, right click here. These are my favorite pictures from the past 30 days…warning, it’s long and takes a long time to load, and the music may not work for everyone! I narrowed it down to the top 94 pictures.

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