Nov 30 2007

sweetest boy ever

Category: eco-mama @ 5:51 pm

Really. We went to the zoo today. After walking around for a while, we were watching the elephants and Dixon turned to me and said, “mommy, thank you going zoo.” Awwww….And as we drove away, he said it again, “mommy, thank you going zoo. I had a good time.” He was so well behaved while we were there. It wasn’t at all crowded and the weather was nice and cool. The giraffes weren’t out, but the lions were. And one gorilla was too. There’s a little observation cave where you can view the gorilla, and inside were several UCSB art students trying to draw him. Dixon said, “that gorilla has boobies!” and they all cracked up. Gorilla stood up and peed and one of the students said to Dixon, “that’s a boy gorilla.” And Dixon said, “no, he has boobies”. Walking away, I tried explaining the concept of man-boobs. He didn’t get it. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

I’ll post thanksgiving, haircut, and zoo pictures tonight. For now, I’m going scrapbooking.

Nov 27 2007

conversations with Dixon

Category: eco-mama @ 1:07 pm

Dixon: “mommy i want chocolate please”
Me (handing him one): “here you go”
Dixon: “thanks mom, thanks”
twenty minutes later, Dixon climbs up the counters and eyeballs the box of chocolates, so I put them in the cupboard above the fridge
Dixon: “awww, dang it! You put the chocolates away!”

note to self: omit “dang it” from vocabulary

Nov 26 2007

Category: eco-mama @ 9:33 pm

Enjoy this e-card while I go through our thanksgiving pictures and decide which to post.

Nov 22 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Category: eco-mama @ 9:16 am

I’m turning into a lazy blogger. Sorry bout that! Anyhoo, Happy Turkey Day! Here are a few pics from this week; my mom’s photo club met twice and here are shots from the first meeting.

Now, I must run. To the kitchen, that is. 14 people will be here soon and I think they’ll want to eat. And for some reason I think cheerios, organic raisins, and juice boxes won’t be enough.

Nov 15 2007

baby milestone # 249

Category: eco-mama @ 9:33 am

THIRD TOOTH! Must have broken through overnight. He has been super-crank for several days, this explains a lot, including Cap’n Drool:

This one’s on the top, he already has two bottom teeth.

Anyways, the boys love the bounce house and warm weather we’ve had. Tons of pictures from this week are here, but these are my favorites.

Nov 13 2007

it’s a great day for laundry

Category: eco-mama @ 12:39 pm

It’s about 80 outside, warm breeze, it’s a great day for laundry. Here are Gray’s diapers (did I mention my joy at Dixon being potty-trained?!). Now I’m only washing diapers every three days instead of almost daily….ah, but it’s a labor of love, no?

Nov 10 2007

it’s almost christmas

Category: eco-mama @ 8:31 am

And if you need an idea of what to get me, I’d love two of these bumper stickers!!!

Here’s another picture I just “found” on my hard drive and forgot I had. There aren’t too many of me because I’m always behind the camera.

This was from my mom’s group’s Halloween carnival a coupla weeks ago.

Nov 08 2007

the house of bounce

Category: eco-mama @ 9:02 am

I’ve blogged before about Dixon’s love affair with bounce houses. We almost bought one for his second birthday but decided that since I’m taking a year off of work, we should just rent one. We regret not buying one then but set things right yesterday. Kmart had a sale…if I had known they were that cheap I would have bought it a year ago and we would have been bouncing every day. Dixon was so excited, when I was setting it up he literally ran around it in circles screaming “bounce house bounce house bounce house.”

Truman’s not quite sure what to make of it all…

So you’d think after 3 1/2 hours of this he’d be exhausted. After the sun went down on what seemed like the coldest day of the year and we had to physically drag Dixon out of it and back into the real house, we put Go, Diego, Go! on for him and he danced around like crazy for a good 15 minutes. I wish I had half his energy.

At least now I can cross “get bounce house” off my birthday planning to-do list.

Nov 08 2007

Grayson and the dog door

Category: eco-mama @ 8:48 am

We went to my parent’s house for dinner on Tuesday night and Grayson went in and out the dog door a zillion times. He was very proud of himself, as you can see.

Nov 07 2007

long time no blog

Category: eco-mama @ 10:34 am

Long time, no blog. I feel like I’ve been really busy lately, but when I try to look back and see what I accomplished, I’m drawing a blank! Grayson is cruising now! He’ll be taking real steps any day now. He can also climb up on the couch and I pull him out of the dog door about 5 times a day now. Dixon is fully potty trained! He hasn’t had an accident in about two weeks. He refused to poop on the potty for about six months and suddenly now wants to do it. And Daddy got a new truck!

Oh, and please mark your calendars for the Smith Boys Birthday Bash 2008 ™ on the weekend of January 19 & 20. Saturday the 19th will be the family party and Sunday the 20th will be the friends party. Since their birthdays are a mere 8 days apart, we’ll be celebrating with two parties the weekend between the two actual birth days. The family party will include lunch and cake and will start at 11am, and the friends party will have a bounce house and more cake and start at 2pm. Both will be at our house, rain or shine. Check your mailboxes for a “save the date” postcard in the next two weeks.

In other news, we went to Chuck E Cheese last weekend. It was allright. The boys had a good time. They had a decent salad bar.

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