Oct 27 2007


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Go to http://www.sanluisobispo.com and click the link for “share the scare”. Check out pictures 14 and 15.

Oct 27 2007

Baby, it’s cold outside

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It was cold enough outside and inside to warrant the Cutest. Hat. Ever.

We’re going to a Halloween carnival put on by my mom’s group today. And yesterday was busy busy. My photography club met in Baywood Park (photos to follow soon) so Dixon got to go to Gran and Pop’s for a few hours. They took him to the park where another (rival) mom’s group was meeting and he got to paint a pumpkin and partake of their snacks. Then, we had pizza for dinner and I got to scrapbook with the gals for five blissful hours and got 10 pages done!

Oct 26 2007

is it Halloween yet?

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Because I think we’re ready! Introducing…Dash and Jack-Jack from The Incredibles:

of course he wouldn’t sit still for a picture

Oct 24 2007

Happy 9 month birthday, Gray!

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Gray turned 9 months old two days ago. Wow.

    weight: 19 pounds, 2 ounces
    favorite foods: yogurt and animal crackers
    new trick: standing up and scooting around (he’ll be walking in no time), and singing
    number of teeth: 2 (on the bottom)

    Here’s a picture of baby hitler enjoying prunes for breakfast:

Oct 22 2007

He sure can clear a room in a hurry.

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Our neighbors stopped by yesterday to watch a football game and left moments after this happened:

Dixon: “There’s a raisin on my pee-pee.” pulls small brown nugget out of underpants
Michelle: “uh, I don’t think that’s a raisin. I saw your mom just put clean underpants on you. And you haven’t been eating raisins lately.”
Me, grabbing and sniffing the alleged raisin: “that’s no raisin!”
Michelle: “uh, we’re late to visit my parents house”

Oct 19 2007

pumpkin patch

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Thursday, my parents took us to the pumpkin patch. The cool one with the enormous bounce house. Dix had a great time pulling Gray around in a wagon. The rest of the pictures are here.

Oct 19 2007

Dixon the charmer

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He can turn it on and off like a switch. I know this one is kind of blurry, but I love it. I love the spirit in Dixon’s eyes, and I love the laughter in Gray’s face. These are my boys…

Oct 19 2007

Is it Halloween yet?

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I spent a couple of hours today designing a Halloween card, only to realize that I forgot the crucial step of defining a size first, so it wouldn’t print correctly. But here it is anyway, looks fine online.

Wednesday, we went to the Avila Barn to take some pictures.

it is so hard to get them to sit still together for a minute!

Too cool for pumpkins. Is he pouting or throwing a gang sign?

At least this one still loves me enough to look at the camera for a second.

Oct 17 2007

wordless wednesday

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Oct 16 2007

the ultimate in babywearing

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There’s a sub-group of slocountymommies called the attachment parenting group. We’ve also been referred to as the cloth diaper cult, because most of us cloth diaper our kiddos. We met today for a babywearing playgroup, where we talked about the carriers we like and help new moms try out various models and choose one that works for them. I totally love my Ergo, but since I’ve been wearing Dixon in it lately, it leaves Gray out in the cold. I wind up holding him in my arms or pushing him in the stroller, and I know he prefers to be worn also. So today I got Dixon in the Ergo and borrowed Danna’s Becco for Gray. The boys were happy and it was surprisingly not uncomfortable at all, so I think I’m going to get a Becco now :)

Am I a total freak? I’d love to do this often, but I think people would stare at me.

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