Sep 28 2007

baby milestone # 89

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First Fat Lip. The BFB gets a BFL (big fat baby, big fat lip). He’s crawling everywhere at warp speeds. (Yes, I said warp, after all, Spock’s mother’s maiden name was Amanda Grayson.) And he’s pulling himself up on anything and anyone. He tried to climb up the dining room chair last weekend and slipped, bonking his face on the way down. Poor kid. He cried for a minute, and was fine. The swelling went down after a couple of hours, but it looked pretty bad for a while there.

Sep 28 2007

baby milestone # 167

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First bottle of juice.

And as you can see from the jammies, it’s never too soon to get ready for Halloween!

It’s been a busy week so I haven’t posted much lately. Every day has been it’s own adventure. Monday, we went to the park. Tuesday, to the zoo with the mom’s group. Wednesday, we walked to Starbucks with the Murrays and then a playgroup. Thursday, another playgroup, shopping, and errands. Today…we have gymnastics, a tye-dying party, and scrapbooking. Whew.

On Wednesday I tried to teach Dixon how to be a good samaritan. Or at least a decent human being. On the way back from Starbucks, we were walking near Kingo Park in AG (on Courtland). A man was running away from the park with a screaming two year old girl, mopping blood off her face with his t-shir. We asked what happened and he said, “Stay away from that dog.” We looked over and an old man was slinking away with an unleashed rottweiler. Steve and Melissa followed the guy and his daughter with all their stuff and made sure they were ok. They wound up going to the hospital and the poor girl needed several stitches in her face. Fortunately the dog missed her eye, but only by an inch or two. I followed the man and dog (the man was about 70 and the dog just as old) and tried to figure out what happened. He just kept walking away from me and wouldn’t answer when I asked if the dog had his shots, so I called the po-po and the AGPD arrived in about 60 seconds. While I was on the phone with the dispatcher, the man started walking toward me, so I yelled at him to put his dog on a leash. The dispatcher said, “no, don’t tell him that, we want the officer to see him off leash so he can cite him!” Dang! Long story short: They cited him anyway, the dog IS current on all shots, the old man suffers from dementia, and he and his wife feel pretty bad about it and are going to pay for all the girl’s medical costs. The dog won’t be put down, but isn’t allowed near children anymore. And if you don’t believe me, you can read all about it on Melissa’s blog.

What a week!

P.S. Why can’t warlocks have babies?
Because they have crystal balls and hollow weenies, duh!

Sep 24 2007

we heart apples

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My mom’s group went apple picking at the Avila Barn on Saturday. It was sooo much fun. A tractor towed us hayride-style out to the apple fields. Dixon picked two apples and then wanted to get right back on the tractor. And you can’t beat .85 cents a pound for organic local apples. It doesn’t get better than this.

A quick snapshot of the goats (and friends Ryan and JoJo) while waiting for the tractor.

mouthful of apple

In other news, a mere 99 days left until I return to work.

Sep 21 2007

they’re not always ornery

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Just when they’re awake…

In other news, there’s yet another recall from China. Yet another great reason to co-sleep. While we don’t have the crib that was recalled, the one we do have was put to good use today (other than as a laundry hamper, as it has been for the past 7 months, 29 days): Dixon climbed up it to reach contraband on the high shelf in his room. Sheesh.

Sep 20 2007

a visit from Gran and Pops

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Gran and Pops (my parents) came over for lunch today. Dixon was too excited to eat while they were here, but as soon as they left, he devoured his Mexican Pizza and collapsed in exhaustion. Both boys are currently sleeping off the morning’s excitement.

Sep 18 2007

the see-um, part deux

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We went to the children’s museum again today. This time Dixon got into the arts and crafts a bit and we took home a masterpiece to treasure always. And Gray frolicked in the new foam wedge pit. Dixon then ate an entire cheeseburger from In-N-Out on the way home.

More pictures here.

Sep 18 2007

too much Pooh?

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A convo this morning:

Dixon: “My tummy’s crying.”
Me: “Do you mean growling? Are you hungry?”
Dixon: “Yes, I hungry. I want breakfast.”
Me: “Ok, what would you like?”
Dixon: “Honeypots.”

Sep 16 2007


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Meet Hopper. He was in our front yard and I discovered him while pulling weeds yesterday.

A couple of great looking butterflies have been all over my zinnias this week. It seems like I see them every morning.

Sep 14 2007

cutest bathrobe ever

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We scored a couple of huge bags of hand-me-downs from the Malones, a couple we work with who also have two boys. I haven’t gone through all of it but so far there is some really nice stuff in there! Dixon’s favorites are the fire truck bathrobe and the Shrek slippers.

And here’s a rare photo of mom-of-the-year (remember, elections are in January!).

Scott made it home late last night and is already back at work this morning. The theme of this year’s VMWorld was Virtualizing Your World and everything was environmentally friendly, including the souvenirs he brought home. He walked in the door last night, looked around, and said, “Huh, I was sure you were going to paint that wall again.” Last time he left for a week I painted the bathroom without telling him. We’ll eventually get around to repainting our living room’s red wall toasted wheat, so it’s all one color, but I didn’t feel like it this week.

Sep 13 2007

my future daughter in law??

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Ashley is a couple of months younger than Dixon and they are super-cute together, if I do say so myself.

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