Aug 29 2007

a plethora of pictures

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I’ve been busy taking pictures this month but haven’t had a lot of time to post them. I just got somewhat caught up, so here you go:

Our second trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo
our trip to Riverdale
playing in the backyard
the mid-state fair
Owen’s birthday party/playgroup

Today we went to the SB Zoo again with my mommies group and had a great time. They’ve got a great system down: we pack a lunch and blankets and camp out in the shade, taking turns watching all the stuff and the babies while the other mommies run around with the bigger kids. It’s a lot more relaxing than going by myself! Here are today’s pictures.

Mr. Otter

Baby Flamingo. We saw another flamingo sitting on an egg that was hatching before our eyes.

Dix and Sarah … first they’d hug, then she’d push him away. Girls!

Smoke from the Zaca Fire.

JoJo, Gray, and Bella.

Mr. Right.

Dix and JoJo sitting still for a rare moment.

Watching the fish.

Aug 28 2007

Orajel Update

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Good morning! After not napping yesterday, we all got a good night’s sleep and are doing fine. Poison Control actually called us back last night to follow up on the toddler and I was happy to report that all is well.

Aug 27 2007

supermom’s parenting tip o’ the week ™

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This week’s tip is brought to you by The Toddler: Poison Control’s number is 1-800-222-1222. If you’ve got two boys, you might just want to put it into your speed dial.

So I’m feeding Gray in the living room. Dixon is playing in the playroom and says, “I have to go potty” and goes to the bathroom. I hear him lift up the seat, relieve himself, and flush. A few minutes later, the house is eerily quiet. I ask Dixon, “what are you up to?” and get no response. I find him in his room, under the covers, eating orajel. I think he ate about half a tube. Since his doctor’s office was closed for lunch, I call Poison Control. They tell me that he should be fine, but to skip the afternoon nap and watch for labored breathing.

About 45 minutes later, he starts coughing a bit. But is still breathing fine. I call the doctor, who says the coughing is unrelated and advises me to push fluids. So, he’s on his third cup of juice and doing just fine. Oy.

The good news: Gray hasn’t fallen down the stairs lately.
The bad news: This wasn’t our first call to Poison Control (there was an unfortunate incident with a halloween glow stick several months ago).

Aug 26 2007

saturday’s bbq

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Dixon and Lorelai taking pictures of each other. She has the same camera he does, just pink.

A random hug.

Dad and Big Gray.

Gray got to chew on an ear of corn and liked it.

The rest of the pictures are here.

Aug 23 2007

i heart scrapbooking

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I haven’t scrapbooked in seven months! Until last night, that is. A friend had a scrapbook party so I and six other women (including Gray and a coupla other babies) hung out at her house till about 10. Then I came home and spent a few more hours working on Gray’s baby book. And I’m doing still more this morning, toddler-permitting. I’ve got all my stuff spread out on the dining room table and he’s actually respecting it and leaving it alone for the most part. I did give him some paper, crayons, and scraps and he’s trying to help me. When I get a few more pages done I’m going to take pictures (since I don’t have a 12×12 scanner) and post them.

Oh, and check this out. Caution – not for the feint of heart. Seriously. My boys are never using forks again. NEVER. In fact, I may throw all our forks out right now. We’ll just eat with our fingers from now on.

Ok, back to my scrapbooking…

Aug 22 2007

dixon’s camera

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Dixon scored a Fisher Price “Kid Tough” digital camera yesterday from Costco. He’s always trying to play with mine. I let him use our old Nikon once and he broke it. I was going to save it as a potty training reward, but I kinda wanted him to have it when he tags along on my photo club shoot tomorrow.

Here’s Dixon’s foot, in all its 1.3 megapixel glory:

Here’s a slideshow of all his pictures so far.

And just so Gray doesn’t feel left out of today’s post, here he is playing in our front yard with Mart and Baby N.

Aug 21 2007

Happy Birthday, Morgan!

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Here’s Dixon and his cousin Morgan. Today is Morgan’s 11th birthday! In true slacker-mom fashion, I will ship her birthday gift off tomorrow. Dixon helped pick it out weeks ago, I really have no excuse for not mailing it sooner.

Aug 20 2007

Changing the world, one poopy diaper at a time.

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Some days I feel like all I do is change diapers. Oh, wait, that’s because every day, all I do is change dirty diapers. And then for some fresh air, go to the backyard and clean up after the dog. And I wonder why I can’t just breastfeed Gray until he’s potty trained. Solid food = even yuckier diapers.

These contemplations this morning reminded me of our favoritest-ever Scrubs episode, “My Musical”, in which they did a song about poo. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I’m also elated to see that 12 people have voted for the Halloween poll so far! If you haven’t done it yet, it’s to your left. <----

Aug 19 2007

Has anyone seen my baby?

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Anyone? No? All I can find are these two big kids. I miss my newborn! Although since Big Gray still eats every two hours during the day, it’s almost like I still have one.

Big Gray sits up perfectly now and has great balance to boot.

This ornery little man now tells me he’d rather sit on time out than do what I tell him to. A couple of weeks ago I said to him, “Dixon, let’s put your pants on so we can go out.” He said, “no, I’ll go on time out instead” and went over to the time out spot and sat down. Not only did he make a decision involving consequences, he articulated it perfectly and then executed it. He’ll be taking over the world in no time.

Here you go, Pops, one of the boys together.

Aug 16 2007

just another day at the beach

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We went to Pismo Beach today with some neighbors. It was really windy, so we didn’t stay long. Dix had fun digging with his buddies and Gray enjoyed his first crawling-on-sand-and-eating-it experience.

After an unfortunate incident involving an unnamed infant’s leaky diaper contents used as fingerpaints, both boys were stripped down and bathed this morning. Since I had them both undressed I weighed them. Dixon is 27 pounds, 10 ounces, and Gray is 17 pounds, 13 ounces. The toddler is now a mere 10 pounds heavier than the big fat baby, who by the way is now wearing size 12-month clothes (He’ll be 7 months next week). I can’t turn my back for a minute! I’m just glad it was on the tile and not the carpet. Mmmmmm….

More beach pictures are here.

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