Jul 30 2007

this is why you have two

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Two boys, two years apart … they (you?) said I was crazy, and maybe I am, but here’s another moment where I stop and think, “it’s all worth it.”

“push me that way, jeeves” He looks like a Langer in that pic, doesn’t he?

Dixon is having some sharing issues but by and large is the sweetest older brother ever. When Gray wiggles up to a toy, Dixon will run over to it and say, “That’s not yours Grayson!” and yank it away. A time-out ensues, and we repeat. Ad nauseum. Gray is on the cusp of mobility. He gets up on all fours and can move his hands and feet and wiggle across the room. He just hasn’t coordinated the hand-feet part, so it’s still a wiggle instead of a true crawl. Oh, yea, and we’re totally screwed. Totally. Dixon figured out how to open the baby gate. Actually, he figured it out a year ago but hasn’t weighed enough to make it happen. Until this weekend, that is.

happiest baby ever

Jul 27 2007

berry picking

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We went raspberry picking at a local farm today, one that’s five minutes from our house. I can’t believe we haven’t been there before. It was a lot of fun. I should have weighed Dixon before and after, because I think most of the berries he picked didn’t make it into his basket.

Grayson even got to eat one when I parked the stroller too close to the vine. He has thus far refused any attempts at eating anywhere other than mom’s all night breastaurant, but couldn’t pass up a fresh, organic raspberry that he picked himself.

The rest of the pictures are here.

Jul 26 2007

toddler milestone # 684

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Dixon locked himself in the bathroom today. Yay. Luckily, the key is on the door frame, and I quickly got him out. Here’s the lil’ cherub at the park yesterday:

Jul 25 2007

he’s asleep!

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The Toddler is asleep! This is the first nap he’s taken in a week. Thank the heavens above. I heart naptime more than words can say. Two hours at the park this morning finally tired him out. Now lets just hope that he wakes up in time for playgroup later!

As for the other one, he was nodding off in his swing until he just barfed all over himself and woke up. Now he’s laughing about it. I see nothing funny here.

Jul 24 2007

hooked on noggin

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Just like his Dad, Dixon is getting hooked on computer games early. Here he is at Noggin, playing “go diego go”. I’m just happy that he’s doing it on a mac!

Jul 23 2007

six months of Grayson

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Six months ago, Grayson blessed our lives and surprised us a month early. It goes so fast! Here he is in the backyard yesterday, getting ready to crawl. He gets up on all fours and rocks now, with a fiercely determined look in his eye … he’s going to take off any minute!

Jul 22 2007

the next Monet

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We got some white paper and fingerpaints and made our own wrapping paper for our new neighbor’s 3rd birthday party.

Jul 21 2007

it’s here!

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the book is here! Yay!

Jul 21 2007

waiting for the Deathly Hallows

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Borders promises that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be on our doorstep sometime today. We are eagerly and impatiently awaiting it. We keep refreshing the UPS tracking info page, and so far, it just says, “in transit.” As Tom Petty says, “waiting is the hardest part.”

To help pass the time, you can read about what we’ve been up to. Last night we went to the Avila Beach Farmer’s Market with Auntie Angie. We had yummy fish tacos, kettle corn, and cotton candy. There was a bounce house for the kiddos too … Dixon bounced to his heart’s content for a mere $3. You may think, $3? Seriously? Yea, I know. Especially when there’s so much other free entertainment in Avila on Friday nights. But, a bounce house never fails to tire the toddler out, so in that sense, it’s priceless. Then, we walked out to the end of the pier to look for more whales, but there weren’t any. So we got home and Dixon fell asleep really fast, thanks to the aforementioned bounce house.

So, I’m blogging. Grayson’s napping. Dixon’s coloring in the playroom. Truman’s snoozing. Scott’s mowing the lawn. Angie’s at the Renaissance Fair. And we’re ALL waiting for the new Harry Potter book.

Jul 19 2007

a busy week

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Yesterday Gran and Pops took us to the Santa Barbara Zoo. A fun time was had by all. I think the highlight of the day for Pops and Dixon was riding the train. Pictures are here.

watching the flamingos

it’s a langer monkey!

Gray plays with his baby giraffe souvenir.

Today, we went to feed the goats at the Avila Valley Barn. I have pictures and video I’ll put up soon.

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