Jun 30 2007

beware the veggie booty

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For you booty-eaters out there, read this article. Fortunately, we’re a Pirate’s Booty family and haven’t had any Veggie Booty in a long time. In fact, last time I bought it at Trader Joe’s, I pulled it off the store shelf, here’s what happened.

Mom: “Dixon, would you like some Pirate’s Booty?”
Dixon: “Yes, I’d like Pirate’s Booby.”
Mom: “No honey, it’s boo-ty.”
Dixon (in his loudest and best pirate’s voice): “arrrr, boooby!”
..and the crowd roared. I love my toddler.
We haven’t been back to Trader Joe’s since. I also decided I was long overdue for a new theme for my blog. Or Blop, as Amma keeps calling it.

Jun 30 2007

Pops retires

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Yesterday was my dad’s retirement party and last day of work. Here are two pictures, the rest will follow shortly.

Is it just me, or does Dixon look about 4 years old with that haircut?

Jun 27 2007

the ultimate sacrifice

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We canceled our cable tv! Gaaahhh, the horrors! Seriously though, cable is a total rip-off here. $53 for basic cable is way too much. Especially when most networks are putting all their good shows online for free. And did you know that Netflix allows you to stream movies now? We get 24 hours of streaming movies per month, in addition to the dvd service. So seriously, Charter can suck it, we’re done with cable. We still get KSBY/NBC, and Handy Scottie is going to rig up an antenna that will add PBS to our lineup. So watch out, next month I may be telling you to “kill your television.”

Here are the boys enjoying some final moments with a beloved friend.

Jun 26 2007

happy june 26th

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Here’s Gray’s 4th of July outfit. Actually, it used to be Dixon’s, but nowadays everything is or was Dixon’s. I took the picture early because I’m afraid he’ll outgrow it before the actual holiday. Here you go:

Jun 24 2007

a week of birthdays

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It was a busy week! Grayson turned 5 months old on Friday. Great Grandma June’s birthday was Thursday, Amma’s was Friday, Auntie Angie’s was Saturday, and our neighbor Robin’s was also Saturday.

I absolutely cannot believe how fast Gray’s first five months have gone. Seems like just yesterday…here he is wearing his first pantsuit and first hooded sweatshirt, complete with drool. He’s also teething.

It was a busy week for us. Linda brought the boys’ favorite cousins down on Tuesday and we went to the beach. Then back to the beach on Thursday with neighborhood friends, and again on Saturday for Robin’s birthday party. Auntie Angie came to visit all weekend too. We had lunch with Amma on Friday, and another neighborhood party on Sunday for our friends who are moving to Indiana. Dixon is really going to miss playing with his little buddies. We ended the week giving Dixon a haircut…pictures to follow soon. Uncle Brad returns from Argentina tomorrow! And perhaps best of all, the new Bon Jovi album is now available for download from iTunes!
Oh, and there’s a mouse in the garage 😐

Jun 21 2007

another beautiful day at the beach

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Gray was there too…on my back asleep the whole time!

Jun 18 2007

the bfb

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The Big Fat Baby had his four-month checkup today. He weighed in at 15 lbs, 14 ounces and was just over 26 inches long. The nurse measured him twice after double-checking his birthday; she couldn’t believe he was that long. Dr. McDreamy came in, checked his numbers, and said, “whatever you’re doing is working!” I love Dr. Thompson because he always makes me feel like I’m doing a good job, even when I’m exhausted and Dixon nearly destroys his office whilst waiting for him. McDreamy also said, “he might start rolling over soon” and I just laughed… Gray did that weeks ago! Grayson’s now in the 85th percentile for height and 75th for weight.
Anyway, my parents came over for dinner on Father’s Day and we bbq’d. Afterward, Dixon wanted to hold his little brother, so we let him. My mom and I both rushed for our cameras.

We didn’t ask them to stick their tongues out…we were just lucky, I guess.

Jun 17 2007

Happy Father’s Day!

Category: eco-mama @ 8:53 am

Scott got his Father’s Day present last week. It’s a flowering plum tree for the front yard!

And some new flowers for the front flowerbed:

Jun 15 2007

grayson the chick magnet

Category: eco-mama @ 8:46 pm

It’s official: Baby Gray is a chick magnet. At this week’s photo club meeting at Cal Poly, here he is with 2 year old Gracie. Gracie and Grayson, doesn’t that make it even cuter?

And here he was at our outing last week with baby Mae:

Jun 13 2007

good eats

Category: eco-mama @ 7:05 am

I forgot how babies chew on everything.

Ok, enough blogging for now. Today’s goal: scale Mt. Laundry.

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