May 31 2007

baby milestone # 215

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First turtleneck!

Although … how can you tell it’s a turtleneck underneath that sweet, fat face? You’ll just have to trust me.

He already looks so grown up in his turtleneck and jeans!

giving the exersaucer a very curious look

big brother, dirty face

May 28 2007


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We went to Dalton’s game this weekend and started taking some pictures. The coach from the other team asked if we were the team’s photographer and we explained that we were just there to see our nephew. The coach asked if we would take some of their team too and Scott was more than happy to oblige. They’re all uploading here now but these three are my favorite of Dalton.

May 28 2007

i heart marine layers

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After enduring 94 degree highs and an embattled thermostat war in Riverdale
this weekend, we arrived home to enjoy our beloved marine layer and a cool 63 degree outside temperature. You guys can all visit us this summer, we’re staying here!

May 24 2007

the boy who wouldn’t nap

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Once there was a boy who slept for 3 1/2 hours every afternoon, right after lunch. He’d get into bed with a pacie and a sippy cup of water, read a book, and drift off to sleep. The boy was happy. His mommy was happy. His baby brother was happy. You get the idea.

One day (yesterday), the boy’s mommy discovered that the boy didn’t nap that day. He played quietly in his room for nearly four hours, reading books and listening to music. While mommy thought that was sweet, the boy was still tired, since he hadn’t napped.

Today, the boy continues to read books in his room instead of napping. The first time his mommy checked on him, he had his clothes and pull-up off and was jumping on his bed. The second time she checked on him, he was laying on the floor just outside his bedroom door looking at a Curious George book. When mommy was on the computer, she turned around to discover that the kitchen and hallway lights had been turned on.

Please, please, please don’t tell me that he’s not going to nap anymore! I really, really, really need those three hours. Even just one hour would be great! I get some blogging done, some one-on-one time with the baby, and sometimes even get to close my own eyes for a few minutes.

Here’s the boy who does nap…clutching the only kind of poo that it’s ok to clutch: the Winnie kind.

May 23 2007

is it bedtime yet?

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What a morning! I really don’t like to think of myself as a complainer, but here goes: First, Scottie’s car won’t start. So as I’m rushing to change everyone’s diapers and brush my teeth so I can drive him to work, he gets it started. We manage to get it into the dealer and I drop him off at work. It needs a lot of work done anyway…like the timing belt replaced and new boots, in addition to whatevers wrong with it now.

So while we’re driving into town, Dixon takes his chocolate milk, holds it upside down, and squeezes it out into his carseat. I was so mad I let him sit in it the rest of the way. Then, I get everyone settled into the house, fed Grayson, and was outside pulling the carseat apart so I could clean it. I guess I spent too long out there, cuz when I got back there was a surprise waiting for me. Not the good kind of surprise either. The stinky kind you only find in a toddler’s Buzz Lightyear underpants. Fortunately for me, he managed to contain the smearing of the aforementioned surprise to his own body and nowhere else. So off to the tub we go. He plays in the tub while I tidy up and get the carseat pad into the wash. Then he drains the water out of the tub but refuses to get out. So I figure, he can’t hurt himself in there if there’s no water, so I go about my cleaning and he continues to play. Finally, I know he must be getting cold so I go get him, and discovered he had peed in the measuring cups! I gave him my old measuring cups (ok, he stole them out of the drawer) to play with in the tub. He likes those more than any actual bath toys. And he had filled three of them with pee. He was quite proud of himself.

So somehow he managed to emerge from his bath just as dirty as he went in. After a quick rinse, we finally get out and eat lunch. Grayson slept through the morning’s events in his swing, and Dixon’s finally down for his nap. I finished scrubbing the carseat and the seatsaver and the leather seats and even applied the leather conditioner that came with the van and have to admit, the van looks nice. I vacuumed it out, cleaned the windows, and everything. I hadn’t planned on a major cleaning frenzy today, but at least the place looks nice. Now I have at least an hour to enjoy it before Hurricane Dixon wakes up and we start all over again!

Here’s my moment of zen: The Gray smiling in his sleep. Wonder what he’s dreaming about…

May 22 2007

happy 4 month birthday Grayson!

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Remember how I used to post Grayson’s weight and age every Monday? I’ve slacked off a bit there, so here are his current stats:

  • 4 months old
  • 15.5 pounds
  • barely fits into 6 month sized clothes
  • rolled over for the first time last Friday
  • handsomest baby ever!

May 22 2007

am I smarter than a 2 year old?

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The answer: No, no I’m not. Today at playgroup, whilst I had my back turned drinking coffee and talking to the other moms, Dixon took the front wheel off of another mom’s stroller. I swear, I only took my eyes off him for a moment (relax, it was a fully fenced yard). So I try for several minutes to get it back on with no luck. Another mom helps me for several more minutes, and neither of us can figure it out. Finally, the stroller’s owner gets it back on. Geez. The kid is a mastermind. He’s also using four-syllable words on a regular basis: Alligator, pacifier, watermelon, supermarket…

Here he is putting lotion on baby brother after a bath. What a big helper!

May 21 2007

doggie updates

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CW, the guy who adopted Bellana, called Friday night. They’re all doing great. She’s up to her old tricks…forcing everyone to snuggle with her, not dropping the tennis ball, sleeping in the middle of their bed, snoring, and chasing cats, but fitting in just fine.
Her new parents really love her. She’s getting along with Herman (her new 6 year old big brother) but doesn’t really want to play with him much. She’s even lost some weight, now that there’s no toddler to share with/steal from. We really miss her, but are glad she’s having a great life now. She’s better off with them – they treat her like a dog; and things are quieter around here without her. And Truman has mellowed out a bunch. He no longer scarfs his food down, he actually chews and enjoys it now, which has to be much healthier for him. And Bellana and Herman free-feed from the same bowl, which is amazing to us because she was getting food aggressive around Truman and Dixon, so I’m glad she’s over that.

In other doggie news… I updated this weekend and added some new pictures. I have still more to add that I hope to do this week. For now though, I’m busy designing a brochure. The manager of the pet ER in AG heard about me and wants to put my business cards and brochure in their office – she says they get lots of requests for pet photographers. Whooohooooo!

May 20 2007

happy birthday brad!

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My baby brother turns 26 today. He’s still in Argentina for another month, I think. Here’s a picture of him and Dixon at Dixon’s birthday party, inside the bounce house.

May 18 2007

Fingers: They’re what’s for dinner.

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Gray now prefers fingers to pacifiers.

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