Apr 30 2007

amazing grayson

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My chunky monkey weighs 14 pounds today! Babies are supposed to double their birth weight by 4 months old, and he’s 3 months and one week (14 weeks). He also got to play in his exersaucer for the first time this weekend and is cooing up a storm. And I am proud to report that while I’m still a bit flabbier than normal, I’m back down to the same number of pounds that I was before I got pregnant and wearing my old jeans again. Whoohooo!

Apr 27 2007

the boy is brilliant

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Turns out Dixon won’t have to rely on his good looks, he’s also brilliant! (But we all knew that, right?) Potty training is going better than I could have imagined. Just a few moments ago, I was loading the dishwasher and he runs up to me and says, “mommy I pee”. So we rush to the bathroom. His chonies were still dry and he peed in the potty! So he actually felt it coming and new what to do! Wow. Anyway, here are three I took whilst playing in the backyard yesterday afternoon.

This may be one of my all time faves of Gray.

Apr 26 2007

is it summer yet?

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Sure feels like it! We seem to have gone directly from winter to summer.

Potty training is still going well! We’re on day three and it’s not too bad at all.

Apr 25 2007

the potty-training saga

Category: eco-mama @ 8:17 am

Is it too early to declare a little bit of sucess? Well, I’m going to anyway. I put Dixon down for his nap in a pull-up (for those who don’t know, they’re diapers built like underpants … still very absorbant but with a big-kid feel). When he woke up, we changed to his underpants (a.k.a. chonies). We were cuddling in the front room and he started to pee, so I rushed him into the bathroom, singing the praises of peeing on the potty all the while. He finished in the toilet (yay!) and earned a sticker and a jellybean. He then threw a mega-fit (the biggest fit of all time, btw) when I tried to put his Mater chonies on him.

Our theory is that since Mater is his absolute favorite character ever, he was really upset because he didn’t want to get Mater wet. He wore them for about 30 minutes, screaming and holding himself all the while. When Scott got home, we decided to end the tantrum and just put a diaper on him. As soon as the diaper was on, he peed in it. So…we figure that he had to go, but didn’t want to sit on the potty and didn’t want to get Mater wet.

So far, so good…it’s working! Except he ate his sticker-reward. I have a reward chart taped to the bathroom wall facing the toilet, and he’s supposed to put stickers on the chart as he earns them, but he loves stickers so much and prefers to put them on his hands, head, brother, etc. And occasionally, they get eaten.

Here’s the big man himself sitting in his new chair, thanks to his Grand-Aunt and Uncle Mary and Dave giving us a Target gift card when he was born. He’s actually more comfortable than he looks in this picture.

P.S. How lucky am I to have boys? When we’re out and about, they can pee standing up instead of having to sit in a nasty public restroom. Yay! And I’m not above having them pee in some bushes on the side of the road if nature calls and we’re desperate.

P.P. S. If you’re tired of reading about Dixon peeing…I’ll talk about Grayson! A mere two weeks after purchasing a case of size 2 Huggies at Costco, he outgrew them. And I still have half a case left. He’s got a big tummy. I guess we’re going to Costco today for some size 3’s. Maybe I can sell them on ebay…or as Scott suggested, save them for baby # 3!

Apr 24 2007

the Dash likes

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I’m quoting The Incredibles because Dixon is wearing his Dash chonies right now. I figure he needs to feel when he’s wet to fully understand what’s going on. Diapers absorb it all too fast and he never gets uncomfortable; thus, we’re busting out the chonies.

I couldn’t even finish posting this before our first accident. Luckily, he was outside (it’s a nice warm day today) and goes, “eeew, dirty!” So now we have the Buzz Lightyear chonies on. To the potty, and beyond!

Apr 24 2007

national turn off your tv week?

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How could you do such a thing to a beloved member of the family? There’s a reason all our funiture points toward the tv. Hmmm. Maybe we’ll try it. I know I could live without tv. But how am I supposed to get a shower every day without my trusty digital babysitter? Especially now that Dixon can turn it on and off and even start a dvd by himself?

We’ll see how it goes.

In other news, I think the boys get better looking every day.

Apr 22 2007

now tick-free for 001 days!

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I took Truman to the Laguna Lake off-leash dog park on Tuesday to take some pictures and test my new flash. Not a single picture turned out well, but alas, we did not return home empty-pawed. Saturday night I noticed what I thought was a new scab on Truman’s ear. “But his skin is clearing up,” I thought, “that can’t be a new scab.” Shirley enough, it was a tick. Eww! So everything that could fit in the washer got a date with the sanitary cycle, and the carpets were thoroughly vacuumed.

BTW, he refused to wear this hat with the matching pajamas for Christmas pictures, but now it’s his favorite one.
Here’s a picture of the boys watching either Myth Busters or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

In other news, the staff at Starbucks probably think I stole a baby today…the cashier (or barista, as they like to be called) asked me what my baby’s name was. I had Grayson in the baby bjorn while Dixon was home with Scott. I said, “Dix-er-Grayson” and then started laughing. I said I was really tired and to ask me again after she gave me the coffee. She just gave me a wierd look.

And, Sunday is Earth Day, so suck it Neptune! Ha!

Apr 20 2007

when photoshoots go bad…

Category: eco-mama @ 4:25 pm

I snapped a few pictures of Grayson. Got a few good shots but a couple not-so-great ones too.

Apr 18 2007

milestone mania

Category: eco-mama @ 6:07 pm

Two milestones to note today: Grayson is wearing size 6 month clothing and can rotate 360 degrees when lying on his back on the floor. He’ll be rolling over soon. I was worried about Grayson going through life with only Dixon’s hand-me-downs to wear, but at the rate he’s going, Dixon will probably be the one wearing Gray’s outgrown clothes.
After our playgroup this morning, we went to Target and got Grayson a new chair.

There’s a mirror above his head so he can admire his bad self all he wants.
P.S. If anyone wants to buy me an Earth Day present, I want gDiapers. You have three shopping days left.

Apr 17 2007

truman’s revenge

Category: eco-mama @ 9:38 am

Recall yesterday’s post where I categorized Truman in the “good” category. I officially retract that message. Apparently my blogging about him not marking since Bellana left jinxed our luck, because he ruined a chair yesterday. The darn dog is actually pretty smart and I continually underestimate him. He knows several words like walk, hungry, cookie, go out, dinner, etc. For example, when I say, “are you hungry” to anyone in the house, Truman will perk up and run into the kitchen where his bowl is. So yesterday morning I’m gathering my two favorite boys (Dix and Gray) to go for a walk, and I did not include Truman in this outing. He got back at me by peeing on the chair after we left. This isn’t the first time this chair has been the unlucky victim of Truman’s revenge…I’ve washed the pad several times. However this time, he soaked the supporting piece of particle board underneath it. I’m more disapointed than angry now…we were really getting along for a while there. Truman had earned back a lot of trust, like being in our bedroom alone during the day (he loves our bed), but that’s all over. He’s back to the crate or locked out when not being directly supervised. We’ve been walking him every day. I let Dixon hold the leash and we walk around our cul-de-sac two or three times and they do great. If Dix drops the leash, Truman still heels next to him. I thought this was a good way to show Tru that Dix is a pack leader and outranks him. Also, Dix throws the ball for him in the backyard every day.

So I’m using the money from the sale of our old Jeep stroller to finance the purchase of a new chair. And I’m crafting an email to Russell Rescue to find Truman a new home.

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