Mar 31 2007

family portraits

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We went to the beach with Ali today for pictures.

Mar 30 2007

a very belated st. patrick’s day

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Slacker-mom strikes again. I bought a cute sleeper and bib for Gray, and didn’t get him into it until tonight. Which is good, because it barely fits now! Here’s McTubby in his little outfit, and more pictures here:

“Kiss Me, I’m a Cutie”

And there’s a new boy next door! 9 lb, 7 oz Nolan was born late last night, two weeks after his due date! He and Gray were supposed to be exactly 4 weeks apart…they sure showed us.

Mar 28 2007

my idol & boys will be boys

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Whoever the hell is voting for Sanjaya Malakar (better known in the Smith house as Shama-lama-ding-dong) had better knock it off right now. Seriously. He must be getting votes by having his family set up auto-dialers or modems to redial. I mean it; he looked like a child molester that night he dressed up like Michael Jackson.

Gina Glocksen rocks!

Anyway, this week, ours is the house of brotherly love… sort of. On the way into town this morning, Dixon threw his toy (Bertie the Bus, one of Thomas’s friends) into Grayson’s carseat and then cried about how “baby have my bertie.” Then later, whilst Grayson was minding his own business on his play mat, Dix hit him in the head with the star-shaped light thingy that attaches to it. (Don’t worry, everyone’s fine.) After a tearful time out, Dixon then went and kissed Grayson, crying “sorry baby, sorry.” I think Gray will forgive him this time…but since he’s only two months old and weighs half (yes, HALF) of what Dixon does, Dixon better watch himself or he’s going to get pummeled.

Little brother looks around. His eyes are still gray.

Dixon shares a sticker and two cars with Grayson.

Dixon is starting to help out…he wants to hold Grayson and will even help change diapers and button up his sleepers.

Mar 27 2007

Gray’s 2 month checkup

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Grayson is 9 weeks old and had his 2-month checkup this morning.

  • 12 lbs, 7 oz (up from 7 pounds at birth)
  • 22 3/4 inches long (up from 19 1/4 inches at birth)
  • 75th percentile for weight
  • 65th percentile for height
  • Diagnosis: cutest baby ever

He met Papa Brent (Scott’s dad) for the first time this weekend and I thought this picture turned out really well. He’s doing great: Eats great, sleeps well (we’re only up twice per night). He stays awake after eating now and likes to look around. His favorite color is red. He loves to gaze at his own reflection in the mirror and lay on his baby einstein play mat watching the lights and gazing in the mirror. He also fits snugly into his size 3-6 month clothes. He’s a tad cranky today because he got his first set of shots and his little legs are sore where the mean nurse shot him up, but now that he’s two months old he can have Tylenol.

Mar 27 2007

Doggie Drama: The Final Frontier

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We went to Oakhurst this weekend. It was a bit of a let-down due to some random and unexpected doggie drama. Bellana hauled off and attacked Truman. We were already talking about finding a new home for Truman because of his increasing aggression towards Dixon and his persistent marking on our stuff. But now we’re not keeping either dog. Who knows what set Bellana off and when she’ll do it again. Can’t risk it anymore.

Otherwise, the weather was great, we had fun, got to see Grandma and Brent (that’s what Dixon was calling Scott’s parents), and best of all, got to ride a train! It was the Sugar Pine Railroad; only about 15 minutes from Linda’s house. They only had the Jenny cars running during March, so we’ll have to go back later and ride the steam engine. I have a zillion pictures to post in addition to taking Gray to his two-month checkup, finding new homes for the dogs, and making Scottie a dentist appointment. So more pictures will come later, but here are a few gems for now.

Seriously, if you’re interested or know someone who wants either or both dogs, email or call my cell: (805) 710-5147. C’mon, they hate toddlers and will pee on your stuff, but they’re sure cute! Here are some recent pictures of Truman and Bellana.

P.S. Brad made it safely to Argentina! His senora has a computer so he emailed me to let me know. Hopefully he’ll be able to continue to use it this quarter and keep us posted! Hola Brad! To see what time it is there, click here.

Mar 21 2007

how can it be march 21 already?

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How can time fly so fast? It must be because I’m over 30. Ug. It rained most of the day yesterday but was nice out today. Some clouds, but generally sunny. I took the boys to the park with two of the neighborhood moms and their kids and we had a good time, even if I couldn’t get Dix to look at the camera.

Then I came home, made lunch, and got both of my children to nap whilst I read my camera book and am writing this blog entry and reflecting on how fast time is going by. Gray is 8 weeks old. Dixon is 2 years, 8 weeks, and 8 days old. Our 9th wedding anniversary is in a couple of weeks. I have a mere eleven months until I return to my “day job.” Thus, I have eleven weeks to complete my goal of selling ONE picture. I’ve finally decided to do something with my camera and mediocre photography skills and start doing stock photography, and entering contests. Now that I’ve blogged it, it will come true, so there.

Mar 20 2007

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So after the bounce house excitement, we went to my parent’s house for dinner because Brad was in town. He leaves for Argentina on Friday and will be gone for a whole quarter!

Pictures are here. Hopefully Pops can view them through his scratched cornea.

Mar 20 2007

nothing better than a bounce house

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Yesterday was Aidan’s birthday; he’s a little boy that goes to daycare with Dixon. Norine knows how much Dix loves bounce houses, and he and Aidan are good friends, so we got invited.

You know he had a good time when he fell asleep five minutes after we picked him up:

More pics here.

Mar 18 2007

better late than never?

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Better late than never, I’ve decided for our birth announcement. They should go out in Monday or Tuesday’s mail…I picked up the proof from Costco today and will place my order tonight.

See all the pics from our little photo shoot here. He is quite a looker, if I do say so myself.

Mar 16 2007

tech support, bellana drama, and mr. mischief

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Sorry for my site being down all morning. Bluehost had some data corruption issues. Oh well. I’m probably the only one who noticed.

Wednesday, I took the dogs to the vet to get their nails trimmed, and Bellana was due for her rabies shot, so they gave it to her. Thursday morning we woke up and she was shaking, panting, and didn’t want to move. So we took her back to the vet and turns out she had a reaction to the shot: a slight fever, and her leg where they injected her was very sore. So they gave her some pain pills and she was better very quickly.

she actually looks tired in this shot…that doesn’t happen too often

Yesterday I gave Dixon two crayons and his coloring book to keep him out of my hair while I was loading the dishwasher. I came back to this:

This was a great opportunity to learn that actions have consequences, and that I’m sick of cleaning up after everyone. So I made him get a towel and scrub it himself, and he did.

Later, he more than made up for it by being super-sweet. He sees me carrying Grayson around in the sling and the baby bjorn all day, and took the baby bjorn out of the closet and put it on himself. The only assistance he got was from Scottie adjusting the straps for him to carry around Super-Sleeper.

And here’s your Grayson fix of the day:

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