Feb 28 2007


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I want to give a special shoutout to my peeps at the ITS Service Desk who sent us a card and a gift card to Carter’s. I went on a shopping spree today and bought the boys three matching outfits. Here’s one:

In other news…Dixon has slept in his own bed the entire night through twice this week! He didn’t get up once! He hasn’t done that since the day my pregnancy test came back positive (it was a loooooong 8 months).

Feb 26 2007

gray = 5 weeks

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Gray is 5 weeks old today! Hard to believe. We ventured out to Poly today to sign some insurance forms, visit payroll, and yes, reset our passwords as we both let them expire. I asked Dixon, “wanna visit Pops?” He said, “yes, want Pops…and Gran.” So we were happy to oblige him. Then, we went to their house, had lunch, and Dixon played with Pop’s trains while he was still at work.

Grayson weighed in at 9 lbs, 13 oz this morning.

So, I have no new pictures to post, so I’m posting these old ones of my parents holding Grayson. I do have video footage to pull off the camcorder; maybe I’ll do that today.

Did Grumpy Grandpa actually smile, or does Tara have some mad photoshop skills? You decide…

So it’s 4:30 today and I have tons of crap to do that I’d better get a jump on while both boys are napping, such as paying bills, creating our birth announcement, writing thank you cards, laundry, and scrubbing assorted household surfaces. Sigh. I know as soon as I start anything, someone will wake up.

Feb 25 2007

to Starbucks, and Beyond!

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Ok, I’ve been watching way too much Toy Story. But I reached my goal and walked to Starbucks and back with the Murrays today. I knew I’d be able to make it there, but I wasn’t sure if I could make it home! It’s one mile each way…not to shabby for 5 weeks after having my guts sliced open and stitched back up. It’s been at least three months since my last cup of half-caff, and it was heaven.

Anyway, this is my favorite picture taken this week:

And I made a page of all my favorite recent pictures here.

Feb 24 2007

Will the real scott and tara please stand up?

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This week two of you loyal readers have brought to my attention the existence of an inferior imposter website, scottandtara.net. Oddly enough, there’s also taraandscott.com, which is another couple’s wedding site, and that Tara has a cat named Truman. If you click on photo albums, then “a little background,” then picture # 5, you’ll see the imposters for yourself. Just wanted to clear that up. This is the real deal:

Feb 20 2007

Dixon the Sailor

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Our kid has a bad case of potty mouth. For the past two days, when we try to wipe his nose or butt, he starts chanting the f word. And today, I was sorting baby clothes and when he couldn’t get a onesie to snap, he said, “dammit!” Too bad we can no longer blame daycare for this. At least he’s using the words in their correct context.

Funny, I couldn’t get him to wear the hat with the matching Christmas pajamas for a holiday picture, but once they’re in the “baby clothes pile”, they’re all he wants.
And here’s Gray in his co-sleeper.

Feb 19 2007

the 9 pound spit-up king

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is 4 weeks old today! We took him to the doctor because of his cold. He still has tons of snot, he’s even spitting it up (yummy). He weighed in at 9 pounds, 2 ounces, and the nurse double-checked the numbers to make sure they were right. He’s growing so fast! So the doc isn’t worried about his cold since he still has his appetite and his ears were clear…

Both boys happen to be asleep right now so I’d better grab a nap while I can!

Feb 18 2007

another weekend in paradise

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Well, almost. It was an oppressive 79 degrees yesterday, so we spent the afternoon playing in the backyard in the shade.

Thankfully, today is in the low 60’s with a chance of rain, which is great because I can’t handle the high 70’s….might as well live in Africa if it’s going to be that hot. We are seriously going to buy an air conditioner for the front room before this summer. Seriously.

Our colds are better today too…Gray’s appetite is back and I actually got a few hours of sleep last night. Everyone’s runny noses are better and the boys’ fevers are gone.

We also had a suprise visit from Gran yesterday…she stopped off after her stitching meeting to deliver Thomas the Train DVDs and grab a quick cuddle from Dixon.

Now that the Christmas-Birthday-New Baby rush is over, we decided to make a list of the dvds and books that we have, with the purpose of avoiding duplicate gifts. That list is here. I’ll add the books to it soon, but so far I got the movies written down.

Also…only 49 days till Easter! Rite Aid has cadburry creme eggs on sale this week…mmmmm… Easter falls on April 8 this year, which is the day after Scottie’s birthday, which is two days after our 9th anniversary. Where does the time go?

Feb 16 2007

the Bob is here!

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The BOB double stroller has arrived and we broke it in today by walking to the end of the street and to the park. One reason it’s great (there are several) is that Dixon can climb in and out by himself so I don’t have to lift him, since I’m not supposed to lift him for three more weeks. It’s about 75 degrees out today, so I figured it was time for my first solo trip out with both boys. Besides, I need the exercise…I’ve lost 20 pounds so far but still have (at least) 10 to go and it’s not “melting away” quite like it should.

Unfortunately, the whole family has runny noses and sore throats. I think even Grayson has a touch of it; he’s got more snot than usual. And last night he was up every two hours to eat, but would only eat for a few minutes before going back to sleep. Usually, he’ll sleep for 4-5 (once even 6!) hours and wake up and eat A LOT before going back to sleep. We’re hoping this isn’t the beginnings of colic.

Feb 14 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Today was the best Valentine’s Day ever, for two reasons: cupcakes, and a 2 ½ hour nap.

Dixon helped me make cupcakes this morning before going to the park. When we got home, he scarfed down his lunch and both boys fell asleep, Dixon still in his high chair. So I lay down also and didn’t wake up until 2 ½ hours later…it was heavenly. And it’s 8:30 PM and Gray is already asleep! The co-sleeper is working out great (I’ll post a pic of it tomorrow). Last night Gray and I slept for 5 consecutive hours.

Dixon gives me his “hamming it up for the camera and saying ‘cheese’ smile.”

We made cupcakes AND a mess!

Baby Gray says, “gimme a cupcake or I’ll fight you.”

We didn’t give him a cupcake, but he smiled for us anyway.

As for us adults, we ordered chinese food in and are going to go to bed as soon as American Idol’s over. Too bad they moved Lost to 10PM, there’s no way I can stay up that late anymore. We’ll have to watch it tomorrow.

Feb 13 2007

Grayson’s first walk

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Well, my last three weeks of bedrest are officially over! I still can’t lift things, but we went for our first walk today with Steve, Spencer, and Lorelai down to Ron’s Nursery (about half a mile away). Gray screamed bloody murder for the first five minutes in his stroller but then fell fast asleep. Upon returning home, he was still sound asleep so I pushed him into the kitchen and am going to take my own nap as soon as I save this.

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