Jan 31 2007

“baby hands”

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With Dixon being sick, we’ve been even more meticulous than ever about keeping his hands clean. While I had my back turned, he took out a baby wipe and started wiping Grayson’s hands while he was sleeping, saying “baby hands, baby hands” over and over. It was very sweet. Sweet, that is, until Dixon tore off a corner of the wipe and shoved it up his nose. He’s been doing that lately…


Dixon tickles Grayson

everybody gets clean hands

If it works on hands, why not up the nose? The wipe got so far up there I couldn’t see it. Didn’t help that Dixon gave a big sniff. I got the nose-sucker out and that just seemed to make it worse…at least it caused enough pain that he started crying, which flushed the wipe out.

Today was Grayson’s first appointment with our pediatrician. He gained four ounces since we’ve been home! Nursing every other hour will do that! And I feel compelled to note: I wore human pants (regular, non-maternity jeans) to the doctor’s office today, instead of the elephant seal attire I’ve been sporting for the past two months. Whoohoo!

Jan 30 2007

Happy First Week

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Grayson is a week old today! He’s already survived the NICU, his great-grandparents visiting, made a cameo at Lorelai’s 3rd birthday party, and managed to avoid Dixon’s fever/vomiting spell that started his second day home. What a champ. We see the pediatrician tomorrow for his first official visit. Should be an adventure getting everyone out of the house on time.

Dad and all three boys give Mom a break.

Jan 28 2007

me and my boys

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Grayson is now six days old and doing great. Nurses like a champ. The boys are getting along great, Dixon shares his toys already. The grandparents and great-grandparents visited this weekend, I’ll post those pictures soon.

This is Dixon holding “his” baby…he got very mad when Great Grandma Howell tried to touch the baby.

Dixon kisses Gray’s feet during a diaper change.

Jan 26 2007

and now there are four… (six counting the dogs!)

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Today’s post will be brief as it’s our first full day home from the hospital and everyone just wants pictures anyway. In fact, my first phone call at the house was, “have you updated your website yet? And how are you?”

napping in the swing

dixon pets baby grayson and bellana at the same time

Bellana steals a kiss when Dixon does…

Scott shaving his head triggered labor 3 1/2 weeks early, by the way.

About 30 hours after birth

Jan 23 2007

Grayson is here!

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Well, first off, this is not Tara but Scott making a blog entry. It can only mean that Tara and new baby Grayson are both resting in the hospital tonight and Tara doesn’t have computer access. Yes that’s right! Grayson Scott Smith was born this Monday afternoon, January 22nd, 2007 at 12:29pm. Though almost a month early, at just over 36 weeks, Grayson was 7 lbs. even at birth. He was 19 and 1/2 inches long with a head of 34.5 cm. Mom is doing well and recovering from the C- section. Grayson is resting in the NICU because initially he was having some trouble breathing (All cleared up now) and he has a feeding tube in because he has not quite gotten use to the idea of sucking then swallowing then breathing in the right order yet. As soon as he gets the hang of eating down, we expect that he will leave NICU and join Mom in her room. Whew! Well now I have to get all that stuff done that I thought we would have a few more weeks to prepare. Gotta run and get things ready for Grayson to come home. -Scott

Jan 21 2007

a visit from the pueschel-bottoms

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My dad has always called my mom and her mom Pueschel-bottoms. You’ll have to ask him about that. Anyway, my mom pried herself away from her new sewing machine long enough to bring Amma down for lunch today. Dixon had a great time dragging Gran all over the backyard, showing her all his stuff. Then they dumped out a tub o trains and played inside for a bit after lunch.

So I’ve been going a tad stir-crazy in the house…we were out of yogurt so I took off to Trader Joe’s for a couple of items (Dr. H says it’s ok as long as I don’t lift anything). So I get the yogurt and, well, next door is Coldstone’s. So I wait in line patiently, and when it’s finally my turn to order and I order the family-size tub to go, the two 17-year-old beyotches working behind the counter actually turned to look at each other and giggled loudly. Made no effort to hide it. I was already ticked because the line was so long…the girls were chatting the whole time and taking forever. So I got my lemon sorbet w/ gummy bears, waddled back to the van, and drove home. Sigh. 16 days left till the surgery. And hey, if they can use the word beyotch on primetime tv now, I can blog it.

Oh! Please notice the new haircut! I got out of the shower to find Scott shaving his own head, and when he was done gave Dixon the (covered) electric razer and Dixon tried to do his own hair, so Scott took about an inch off all around. More pictures of that will have to come tomorrow.

Jan 20 2007

pictures, a movie, and more pictures

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Here’s a slideshow of the little dude’s 2nd birthday party. It took me so long to post because I’ve been playing around with flash slideshows…still not perfect, but the pictures are up at least.

Here’s The Littlest Blogger, a quicktime movie.

And last week I scanned in a big box of old family pictures (Langers and Pueschels). They’re here.

Jan 18 2007

shout-out and presents

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First, I have to give a huge shout-out to the Reynolds who blogged about my son’s birthday before I did, complete with pictures. Cindy has become quite the up-and-coming blogger.

Here are two pics from this afternoon. It was a bit chilly but sunny in our backyard so we busted out the birthday presents. The first is the trike from the Smith grandparents, and the second is the sand-and-water activity table from the Langer grandparents.

I’m supposed to be laying down for a minimum of four hours a day…I spent at least one of those on a blanket in the sun today, “lightly supervising” while Dixon used his pacifier to spoon sand into his mouth. Now back to my ice cream…

Jan 18 2007

dixon’s 2 year checkup

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We took Dixon to the doctor yesterday for his two-year checkup. The diagnosis: deep in the throes of the terrible twos. Here are his stats:

  • 26 lbs
  • 33 1/2 inches tall
  • 25th percentile for weight
  • 30th percentile for height

We made him take out his pacifier before we left the house, and leave it at home. He calls it “white” because it is white plastic. He begged for “white” for several minutes and we quickly started ignoring him. In the van on the way, he finally said, “I’ve had it!” with the angriest tone he could muster. He’s definately picking up on everything we say.

19 days till the c-section. The contractions had settled down but I had several last night and today. I also ate an entire tub of ice cream all by myself…Coldstones is my new favorite place. I rationalize this because it was lemon sorbet with gummy bears, blueberries, and blackberries mixed in = 100% fat free! However, it wasn’t the single tub, it was the family size (hey, two is a family, right?). I’ve been busy working on thank you cards, so I’ll get birthday pictures up soon, I promise…but in the meantime, here’s a preview of him getting out of the bounce house.

Jan 16 2007

36 weeks and still kicking!

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36 weeks and still kicking! That’s 21 days till February 6, if we make it that long. I had so many contractions on the 13th that I was sure that the boys would have the same birthday. But things have settled down now. I’m going through birthday photos now but had to acknowledge that I’ve held Grayson in another week and lived to tell the tale. At my last appointment, Dr. H said that if I go into labor now, they’re not going to try to stop it.

So we got a sample diaper in the mail today and I still can’t believe how tiny it is. When I was prego with Dixon and opened my first pack of newborn-size diapers, I couldn’t believe that something that big was inside me. And now I can’t believe or remember how small they are. Here’s a side-by-side: Dixon’s size 4 and a newborn size. Wow.

Dixon is still recovering from the birthday bash. He seems to have gotten a cold from running around in the cold, bouncing in the bounce house, and not resting or eating much that day. He’s fallen asleep in my arms twice in two days, which he hasn’t done in a year and a half.

Oh, and as a follow-up to my “I’m so hungry” post…I’ve been eating seemingly nonstop. I got on the scale this morning and discovered that I haven’t gained a single pound since last week. Hmmmmm……

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