Dec 31 2006

blogging whilst bedresting

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Cramping, bleeding, contractions…oh my! I spent all day Saturday in the hospital with the aforementioned afflictions…it appears Grayson wants to come early. They gave me two shots to stop the contractions and I laid in a hospital bed bored to tears for hours, just waiting. Actually it wasn’t all bad…Dixon got fussy and Scott took him home, so I got a nap in before they gave me the shots that made my heart race. And I got to watch TV that wasn’t a cartoon.

So everything stopped and they sent me home. The good news is that my cervix never started dilating (hooray!). However, I’m on light bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy. I’m not restricted to bed but can’t leave the house, lift anything, or actually do anything, including go to work. So I guess I’m done working for now. I’ll call my boss Tuesday and break the news.

But not to worry – this baby will stay in me for another 37 days until Dr. H is ready to cut him out.

Daycare is paid up through January 11, so Scott will take him in each day and I have big plans for finally finishing books 5 & 6 of the Harry Potter series and getting some serious scrapbooking done (Linda got me a kick-ass scrapbook kit for christmas). I have to finish Dixon’s 1st and 2nd year books before the new baby is here! After January 11, Scott’s going to take vacation and be home with us. He’s got projects to do, me to cook for, and a toddler to chase. He made dinner last night and after I ate, I got up from the table and said, “I’m going to go take a shower.” He said, “hey, those dishes you left on the table are less than 10 pounds!” Indicating that I should have picked them up and carried them to the kitchen. I laughed and walked away. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

Dec 30 2006

christmas pictures finally posted

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I updated lots of pages on the site today. Christmas pictures are here, and I updated Grayson’s page. Whew. Just in time to take New Year’s pictures!

Dec 29 2006

the kid doesn’t like Bon Jovi?

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So we’re driving in to town today and the world’s greatest song ever (repeat, EVER)
comes on XM49: Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” Of course I waste no time cranking it up and proceed to belt out the lyrics. Dixon, snug in his little carseat with a mouth full of cheesy-poofs, puts his fingers in his ears and shrieks “STOP!” The whole scene repeated itself when Journey came on next. WTF? It was mildly annoying but still cute so I pulled over and took this snapshot of him. Geez, now I know how my parents felt when I’d reject their choices of music.

In other news…a mere 39 days till my c-section and the arrival of Grayson Scott Smith (that would be 02.06.07 for those who didn’t read yesterday’s post). I can hardly wait! I freaked the baby-daddy out last night because I was having sharp pains in what I think was my cervix. So I asked him to google “braxton hicks”, because I wasn’t sure if I was having them or if it was just the 5 1/2 pound skull pummeling me. So he wants me to start timing them, gets me water, etc. And then he asks, “well, does it feel like a contraction?” And honestly, I can’t remember! I don’t remember the difference between the middle-of-labor contractions and the general aches and pains I felt from last time. Scott can’t believe that I have such a poor memory of this…but I guess this is why women have more than one child…if they remembered all this stuff in detail they probably wouldn’t do it again.

Dec 28 2006


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Happy 33 weeks! We have a date! Had my now bi-weekly checkup this morning and Dr. H and I agreed on Tuesday, February 6, 2007. Whooohoooo!!!!!!!!

More good news: My water did NOT break yesterday while I was working as my boss predicted it would. Ha. Still have 6 weeks to go, and only 15 days left of work.

I’m still working on galleries for the pictures from Christmas…I’ve deemed close to 200 of them “favorites.” Meanwhile, here are two good ones:

This is what Santa left Dixon…

And here’s me and the belly ™ opening up the Mommy Wars book I wanted

Dec 25 2006

Mom’s Christmas Miracle

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I got the best Christmas present today…a glimpse of my son. We did an ultrasound in Brent’s office and got to see Grayson Scott, 32 weeks, 5 days old. He’s 5 lbs, 7 oz, and we’re estimating he’ll be at least 7 lbs when he’s born. His hand was up by his face the entire time and probably a foot too, so we didn’t get the clearest picture of his face. But we did watch him on the live 4D scan and he stuck his tongue out at us! And, he’s the spitting image of older brother Dixon. His nose and lips are EXACTLY the same, and we could see tons of hair. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get home and scan them in.

This has been the best Christmas ever. We spent Christmas Eve at our house with my parents, Brad, and Amma. We woke up early Monday to see what Santa left, had pancakes for breakfast, then drove to Riverdale. Dixon is having a blast with his new toys and seeing all his family. Unfortunately, I have to be back at work Wednesday morning, so we only get one night in Riverdale. Dixon is loving being chased around Brent and Linda’s house by his cousin Morgan, Aunt Cindy, and great-aunt Karren. Santa left him Buzz and Woody dolls (from Toy Story) and he has clutched them all day, saying “Buzz and Buddy.”

I have hundreds of pictures to sort through from Christmas Eve and will no doubt have hundreds more from the rest of this weekend so check back soon.

Dec 23 2006

the terrific twos

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We had a few last minute items to get at Costco tonight. So I pushed Dixon around in the Graco stroller (not the jogger) because it’s the only thing that Dixon is unable to wriggle out of. Scott pushed the shopping cart. Since Dixon was secure, when he started whining “daddeeeeee, daddeeeee” as we followed Scott up and down each aisle, I ignored him. Dixon then began hurling his churro and samples at passersby, all the while yelling “daddeeeee.” Finally, Scott stopped, turned and looked at me, and said, “Hey lady, I don’t know who you are but quit following me with your kid.” Maybe you had to be there, but I laughed so hard I had to hold my stomach.

Here is a (imho) great shot of the toddler in action, testing his limits, as any self-respecting toddler will. He knows the rule is “no crayons in the mouth” so he holds it dangerously close before it is yanked away.

Dec 20 2006

I’m married to Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, 2006

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So Time Magazine does a ‘person of the year’ and this year they put a mirror on the cover, saying it’s you. We’re all people of the year. Scott seems to be taking this to heart, declaring himself Man of the Year for 2006 to everyone who will listen.

Here are some pre-christmas photos for your Dixon fix:

ornaments are fascinating, no?

the dogs hate me, and for good reason

By the time I got my gynormous self around to the other side of the room to get an angle that included Dixon’s face, the moment had passed. He and Truman are getting along pretty well these days.

In other news, I’m officially too old to donate my eggs. Rats. This coulda been my ticket to an early retirement.

Oh, and by the way, Grayson is 31 weeks along. Brent is going to do an ultrasound at Christmas; I can’t wait to see his face again! (Grayson, that is…not Brent…although I love him like a father-in-law, he hasn’t been growing inside me for the past 7 months.) Sheesh, I better get a bag packed in case anything happens early. My boss is convinced that my water will break on Wednesday Dec 27 when I have to man the cal poly operator station for 9 hours. Meanwhile, I just keep waiting for the Reynolds to post their pics from their annual trip to Knotts Berry Farm (hint, hint).

Dec 18 2006

bed, bath, and breakables

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Saturday we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a table and chair set for the new playroom (formerly the office/guestroom) and Dixon knocked over a glass jar of salt. I saw his hand reaching for it, and tried to swerve the cart so he’d be out of its reach, but his hands were faster than mine and it hit the ground. So we had someone clean it up and offered to pay for it but they wouldn’t let us. Then, Scott found a punching bag, hit it, and it fell apart. But he got it back together without drawing too much attention to himself.

I’ve been taking a ton of photos this weekend so I can put together a Christmas card…here’s a good one that didn’t make the cut.

The caption could be “I know I’m not supposed to be taking ornaments off the tree, hence the guilty look.” Good thing that this year’s theme is “shatterproof ornaments.”

Sunday was “ram your shopping cart into the pregnant woman” day. Between Toys R Us and Vons, I was bumped into four times and apologized to zero times. WTF?!

Dec 13 2006

30 weeks – the final stretch

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Today was my 30-week pregnancy checkup. From here on out, I go every other week instead of just once a month. My diabetes screening was clear (iow, I don’t have gestational diabetes), but I am anemic, so I’ve resolved to be more diligient with my iron pills. Explains why I’m so tired…(couldn’t have been the job, the toddler, the hubby, the dogs, the flu, the holidays…). At any rate, this baby is getting huge and I’m longing for the skinny-tara days.

For those of you who only come here for the pictures, here you go: here are two that are about a month old of Dixon in his big-boy-pajamas making faces. He looks like he’s trying to play the trumpet.

In other news…preparations are under way for Dixon’s 2nd Birthday Bash ™. Here’s a sneak peek of the invite that will go out in tomorrow’s mail. We’re getting a bounce house and everything! Only 32 days to go!

Dec 13 2006

Dixon the tattle-tale

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Yesterday at Norine’s, Dixon and Aidan were in the back play room playing by themselves. There’s a computer in that room, and all the kids know they’re not supposed to be on it. But Aiden sat at the desk and started touching it, and Dixon ran out to Norine and said, “see Aidan! See Aidan!” He had gotten down from it by the time Norine got to the back room.

This is actually a good thing – it proves he knows right from wrong. Today, Norine mentioned tht Dixon, Aidan, and Cisco really get along well. She can leave them in the back playroom and they’ll get along great and play quietly for a long time. I remind myself of these wonderful things when it’s 10:30 PM and I’m wrestling him into bed.

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