Nov 30 2006

more artwork

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Here’s the latest craft project constructed at daycare…I guess they clipped out pictures from magazines and glued them on paper. “Dixon likes glue” they say.

While I was distracted scanning it in, Dixon got into the chips. We actually like the fact that when he wants a snack, he goes to the cupboard and pulls out what he wants. The chips aren’t usually within his reach, but he got taller again overnight. I had to buy him new pants, got him some 18-month size jeans, and when we put them on this morning I said, “we got your new jeans” and he said, “new jeans!” plain as day. His vocabulary is growing exponentially; it’s quite impressive.

As you can see, he’s a very generous little boy. And he quickly figured out that the fastest way to a jack russell’s heart is through his stomach.

Nov 28 2006

revenge of the rocky road (or, when will mommy learn?)

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Ok, so last night was one of the worst ever. It started out okay, Scott was kind enough to cook dinner. Then I ruined everything by giving Dixon a big bowl of rocky road ice cream (hey, it has almonds in it, those are good for you, right? Protein and vitamin e?). He literally bounced off the walls till 10pm. He jumped on the couch, shreiked his head off, and tormented those poor dogs and his dad until I made dad & the dogs go to another room for their own safety. With no dogs to head-butt, he actually settled down a bit and sat in the recliner with me and watched Jay Jay the Jet Plane till about 9. But after he did finally fall asleep, he was up every other hour, crying with a tummy ache. Elections for Mom of the Year are in January!! ha ha…

Meanwhile, it was the little-zygote-that-could (Grayson) that compelled me to purchase said rocky road ice cream in the first place. *He* didn’t seem to have any problems with it. He’s 28 weeks along and wearing me out every day.

Here’s Dixon playing in the kitchen cupboard:

Here he is playing in the kitchen in his plaid fall shirt:

In the backyard:

In the kitchen with Dad, asking what each letter on Dad’s shirt is:

Nov 25 2006

turkey day at the beach

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Turkey-Day salutations from the Beach! It’s just as well we holed up inside our house all weekend: Dixon threw up on Wednesday and Scott’s been throwing up all day today (Friday). Thursday, however, was nice. We went to the beach in the morning and Dixon had a blast. He and Scott dug in the sand and Dixon had fun hurling handfuls of it. Every time the tide came in, he’d yell “nooooo!!!” and run away from it. We then had a nice dinner, watched Gray’s Anatomy, and went to bed. Friday, I got up early at was at the scrapbooking section of Michael’s at 7:30 AM, then hit the Osh Kosh Outlet and picked up a snow jacket & pants for Dixon for $40 for our trip to Oakhurst on New Year’s. I also got gifts for three of you loyal readers while I was out. Today Dixon had a long nap and seems to be feeling better but doesn’t have much of an appetite. All he asks for is “juice” and “candy.” That’s my boy! We just finished watching “Elmo goes Potty” on DVD (captivating, really!) and now he’s running over rice with a race car while I blog and work with my pictures.

Wow, I look like a beached elephant seal with a bad farmer’s tan. Oh well. Slightly more flattering pictures are here.

Nov 20 2006

then and now

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above was taken 7.27.05…below was 11.19.06…what a difference 16 months makes

And this weekend’s pictures are here.

Nov 18 2006

dixon’s artwork

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Here’s a crayon drawing dixon did at daycare this week. I am so proud of my little boy! We are especially impressed with the square. And he continues to be very sweet with the new 8-week-old Cole there. I’m also lucky that I have the technology to digitally save Dixon’s stuff…I can put it all on a dvd for him someday and he can show it to his wife and kids.

Nov 17 2006

holiday schedule

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  • Ok, so I’m the worst daughter ever for skipping Thanksgiving this year. You’ll all get over it. The 3 1/2 of us will be spending the day alone, bonding as a family, and madly trying to finish projects around the house before Grayson arrives in February. But, I do want to extend a welcome to anyone wanting to visit us on Saturday or Sunday (or both) of Thanksgiving weekend. We’d love to see you and just aren’t up for traveling much this year.
  • On Christmas Eve, a nice dinner will be served at our house for anyone wanting to join us. I really hope any/all Langers will be there. On Christmas Day, Dixon will wake up in his own home to see what Santa brought, and then we’ll go to the central valley to see the Smith relatives for a couple of days.
  • New Years Weekend will be in Oakhurst again. Dixon will have a blast playing in the snow.

If you haven’t stopped reading by now, read this article about greening your meals. Lots of easy things you can do for your health and the environment. Do some today in time for Thanksgiving!

UPDATE!: Figured since January and February are going to be busy too, might as well post our schedule for that too:

  • January 14 (a Sunday) is Dixon’s SECOND Birthday and everyone is invited to our house for the second annual big-birthday-blowout! So start planning to visit us then.
  • First week of Feburary – the arrival of Grayson Scott. When I know the exact date of the c-section, I’ll post it, but beware! there will be NO, repeat NO, visitors to the hospital. We’ll welcome you to our home the following week. The only visitors will be Cindy driving Dixon in with a big order of spicy tuna rolls to assist in my recovery. I plan to be home on the 4th day (only spending 3 nights in the hospital, god-willing), and need every moment to heal from major surgery and bond with my son, so Scott and I thank you in advance for respecting our no-visitors policy this time around.
  • February 12 – Truman’s 9th birthday. No party though, unfortunately. Note to self: buy him a toy now so I don’t have to go shopping whilst in labor. And he’s got new-baby-spitup to look forward to, that in itself is a gift.

Nov 14 2006


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The Truman Update: Turns out: He’s just a jerk. No Cushing’s Disease, nothing wrong with him other than he’s an ornery terrier. So, that’s good news at least. I guess we just keep working with the obedience classes and try to limit what rooms he has access to. When I’m off work (in 33 business/59 calendar days, btw) I can teach him to be more of an outdoor dog.

The Dixon Update: There’s a new baby at daycare. Cole is 8 weeks old and they say Dixon is very sweet to him. He doesn’t mind when Norine picks him up, and gets concerned when he cries but not overly so. I think the new addition to daycare is going to be great for Dixon; couldn’t have happened at a better time.

The Grayson Update: Third Trimester! 26 weeks! It’s all downhill from here! I dreamed about Grayson for the first time last night. I dreamed he was perfect, we were home after just two days in the hospital (yea, right), and he started nursing perfectly right away (Dixon and I struggled a bit at first). I woke up and told Scott about it, and when I mentioned to Scott that in my dream, Grayson had a head full of gray hair, 8 teeth and nursed perfectly, Scott stuck out his overbite and said, “are you sure it wasn’t me?” Thanks, Scott, for ruining a perfectly good dream for me.

We had a very nice morning. Dixon woke up early and leaned his face right over mine and said, “HI!” We turned the tv on and we all lay in bed watching it until the sun came up. Then, he went into the kitchen, opened up the pantry, got out his cereal, held it up to me, and said, “please?” So he got into his high chair and ate cereal while we showered and got ready for work. It was very sweet. Anyhoo, here are your pictures. Here’s Dixon a year ago, and one from last week.

This one from last weekend: I didn’t put his shorts on his head, he did that himself.

And here’s one from my camera phone…he fell asleep in the car whilst talking on his cellphone:

Nov 13 2006

the bond

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Well, I was the one who wanted to bond with my son, right? I lived by most of the “attachment parenting” rules: we nursed for 17 months, co-slept, carried Dixon in the baby bjiorn for a year (till my back gave out), and never, ever, let him “cry-it-out.” This week’s lesson was Be Careful What You Wish For. We had dinner at the Murray’s this week. After we ate, Dixon was playing with Lorelai’s toys and I picked up 4-month-old Spencer. Dixon threw a fit and tried to push Spencer out of my arms. Even when I had Spencer in one arm and the other around Dixon in my lap, he screamed bloody murder and didn’t stop until I put Spencer down. Later, Lorelai took my hand to show me something, and Dixon grabbed my hand away from her. Apparently he doesn’t want to share me. He’s got 13 weeks to get over this and February’s going to be rough. And lately, I seem to be the only one who can comfort him; Daddy just won’t do.

So baby Grayson is 26 weeks along…we’re officially in our third trimester this week. He’s moving around so much lately. Seems like I’ll just get Dixon to sleep and have a chance to nap, and Gray will get the hiccups or start doing somersaults. Only 61 days of work left! So anyway, on with the pictures:

Snapshots from this weekend
Snapshots from me & Trumie’s trip to Santa Barbara on Friday

and here’s my two favorites from this weekend

Nov 08 2006

I elect Apathy my King

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S2H (scottie2hottie) is in LA this week for VMWorld, so I’m on my own with the kid and fur-kids. I woke up early today, got everyone dressed, fed, cleaned up, even loaded the dishwasher, and into the van. Got to what I thought was my voting precinct at 7:01 AM. Figured, “this’ll take 5 minutes then we’ll be on our way.” I got the dogs to not dash out of the van while I loaded Dixon into the baby-backpack and hoisted him up on my back. The Republican Party was kind enough to call me last night and remind me that I was to vote at the Ramona Gardens center, and there I was. But alas, it was not meant to be. I wasn’t on their list, and when I gave them my address, they told me to go to the other place across town. So back to the van, get Dixon out of the pack and into his carseat without either dog running into traffic. Determined to complete my civic duty, I arrive at the other polling place and repeat the Toddler’s previous unloading/loading procedures. Bad news inside: I’m not on their list, either. Although I see Scott’s name there, with our address, and I’m always right next to it. So the retirees in charge start bickering about what do to. It got ugly when the she-retiree tried to call her boss from her cellphone and the he-retiree snatched it out of her hands. They eventually gave me provisional ballot paperwork to fill out, and a ballot, and a number to call to get it straight for next year. At this point I was so frustrated I figured this may be my last vote. Dix runs out of patience and starts pulling my hair while I filled in all the circles next to “green party”, so I put him (propped up in pack) on the floor next to me. He’s about outgrown that pack, as he was able to touch the ground and push himself across the room while I finished up. We finally made it out of there. I get everyone secured back in the van and start heading to work. By now, it’s almost 8. I got up early for nothing! I’d still be late to work. Called the boss, she was understanding…by the time I dropped everyone off at their respective daycares and circled the cal poly parking lots for 25 minutes, I arrived at work shortly after 9am. What a waste of time. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The Poly Plant Shop had an ad that you could get a free juniper by presenting your “I voted” sticker. By the time I checked out a golf cart and got up there (come on, it was 90 degrees out and a mile uphill from my office! I ain’t walking that), they had run out of junipers. Sigh. At least I have dinner to look forward to…the Murrays invited us over for spaghetti.

For those of you who just skipped over my morning drama and only click here to see pictures, here you go, in honor of election day, here’s the big man himself:

And for old time’s sake, here’s a classic from a fundraising party the first time Arnold ran for governator:

Nov 05 2006

almost too hot to blog

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It’s over 80 degrees out. It’s nearly 76 in the house. This heat is oppressive. But once the sun went down a bit and the backyard got shady, we got to play outisde on our new (well, ok, gently used) Little Tykes play structure (with two slides!). Check it out here.

Dixon gives me “the look”, the same look I still give my father.

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