Oct 31 2006

Announcement! baby2.0 has a name!

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drum roll please…..

Grayson Scott Smith
… end applause

So anyway, Grayson is 24 weeks along, that’s six months already! Yay! Moving right along!

In other news, it was a slow weekend, photographically speaking. Didn’t get any super shots, but a few decent ones are here.  Stay tuned, however, as tomorrow is Halloween and we are dressing up as the Incredibles. Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl (elastibelly, perhaps?) and Dash. Scott spent his evening putting decorations up, but we’re too tired to carve pumpkins. We had my parents and Brad over for lunch Sunday, and Scott’s parents dropped in for dinner, so we kind of ran out of time.

Dixon’s word-of-the-week is “mine.” He also said “government plane,” plain as day, while watching the Incredibles movie this weekend.  At any rate, stay tuned for Halloween pictures tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oct 27 2006

dixon’s first art project

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Another thing we love about this daycare: Dixon is included in everything, including the art projects, whereas at the last place, “the babies” didn’t get to do anything. So here it is, my pride and joy’s pride and joy, a painted pumpkin.

In other news…I’m 23 1/2 weeks pregnant and not wearing maternity pants yet! I have some low-rise jeans that are working just fine. So although I may appear huge, it’s all belly. And, I have 79 days of work left!

Oct 26 2006

our brush with the rich and famous

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  • 3 hours in the car driving to Santa Barbara and back.
  • Doggie dermatologist bill: $240.00
  • Number of stops for pregnant momma and doggy to pee: 4
  • Gasoline: $45.10
  • Kevin Costner’s dog sniffing my dog’s butt: Priceless

I drove Truman to see his dermatologist in Santa Barbara today. His autoimmune vasculitis flared up again. It’s the scabs on his ears, and he gets these spots where the skin scabs up and the hair falls out. His last breakout was exactly two years ago, when I was pregnant with Dixon. The vet says that if in two years, I’m pregnant again, and Truman flares up again, to send him to a psychologist instead. Ha. While we were in the waiting room, a woman was sitting there with a huge white lab. One of the vet techs came out and said, “oh I heard the Costner dogs were here!” and the woman starting talking about how, “on the set, this dog was really attached to Kevin.” I googled her later, and it was Kevin’s wife. On the way out, he sniffed Truman’s butt and Truman bared his teeth at him. I guess the Costners have two labs, both with cancer. The male is in remission and was getting a follow-up visit, and the female had already been treated with chemo and they just found another lump. So I guess Truman’s little skin problem isn’t so bad after all. There was another woman there from Morro Bay whose fox hound had the same ear tip problem that Tru has.

I talked to the vet about Tru’s recent agression and marking, and she tested him for both a urinary tract infection and diabetes. She says they’re unlikely, but easy to test for and treat, so if one of those is an underlying cause, we should at least check for it.

Here’s my tribute to Truman (its a big movie file, be patient whilst it loads) and the big man himself.

this one looks ferocious…he was really just mid-bark

Oct 23 2006

the pumpkin patch

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Today Dixon and I picked up Gran and took her to the pumpkin patch to get a few pumpkins for carving. Perhaps next weekend we’ll get around to carving them. More pictures from this weekend here.

These are my favorites:

Oct 21 2006

mommy and dixon day

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Daycare was closed today, Norine runs races and traveled to San Francisco for one tomorrow. Since I had a doctor appointment anyway, I took the day off. After my checkup, Dixon and I drove north to Piedras Blancas, north of San Simeon/Hearst Castle to see the elephant seals, and of course we had a great time. See for yourself.
The pics would have been great if Dixon had taken the pacie out of his mouth, but oh well. And he seemed more occupied with his trains than anything else, but that was good because it gave me a chance to take all the pictures. On our way back to the van, we were accosted by a group of squirrels who smelled the cookie in Dixon’s hand. The squirrel pics would have been focused better if they hadn’t charged us and scared the toddler.

So my checkup went well! I’m 22 1/2 weeks along and we got to hear a good, strong heartbeat. Oh, and only 84 days till I’m off work for a year! Wooohooo!

This one waved at us! Gotta love that telephoto lens.

Here’s an aforementioned squirrel that tried to hop in our stroller basket to get a snack.

Oct 17 2006

adam: the van’s new hood ornament

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Ok, so we’re leaving campus at 5pm today, minding our own business, and turn out of the Chase Hall parking lot onto the one-way street that leaves campus. Out from behind that huge DRC van that parks on that street is some kid on a bike heading right for us. Scott’s driving and slams on the brakes but we hit the kid and his bike anyway. He bounced off the hood of the van…we jumped out and when I asked him if he was ok, he pulled his iPod earbuds out and goes, “huh? yea, i’m fine, how’s your car?” I should mention he’s not truly a kid, but probably about 19. I immediately called 911 and while they were connecting me to University Police (hi Fred!) Scott asks the kid, “what were you doing?!” as he was going the wrong way up the middle of a one-way street. He insists he’s ok but looks shaken, as we all were. He’s still standing… I think he bumped his head on our hood but not hard enough to knock his glasses off. He says he’s late for a job interview and I ask him to sit down for a minute and relax while help arrived. He said no, he’s late, and took off. As he was pedaling away (continuing the wrong way up the one-way street), I ask his name and he yells Adam, refusing to give us a last name. So Fred at UPD logs our call and we go on our way. Not much we can do…although doesn’t this now qualify as a hit-and-run? Leaving the scene of an accident is still a crime, no? Oh well…that poor kid was so shaken up I doubt he’ll get whatever job he’s interviewing for.
So back to our lives, we pick up Dixon and head to Costco for a few things before going home, having dinner, putting the toddler to bed, and re-examining the gouge that Adam’s bike pedal left in the fiberglass of the van. The van goes to the dealer at the end of the month for a service, I guess we’ll get an estimate for touching it up then.
Scott took 500+ pictures of the kids at the park yesterday and I picked out the top 100 and am working on posting them. Here are two good ones.

Oct 15 2006

weekend pictures

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I posted two new pages last night…
Pictures from Saturday


Pictures from Dad and Dixon doing manly-men work putting furniture together
There’s sure to be more later…we’re going to the park with Lorelai and Spencer later today and of course I’m bringing the camera.
Here’s your first look at fall from the Beach…the leaves on our trees have turned color, and the weather is definately getting colder! Here’s Dixon playing with a leaf in the backyard yesterday.

Oct 10 2006

thank goodness for education code 89519!

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Just found out from HR that per education code 90519, I’m entitled to a year off just for having a baby! I was worried about having to come up with some reason to justify wanting a year off, now I don’t have to! I won’t get paid (beyond my six weeks maternity leave), but they have to hold my job for me for a year and because it’s a law, my supervisor has to let me go for a year. Woohooo!! So, I’ll drop this bomb on my boss tomorrow during our weekly meeting.
22 weeks and all’s well! Baby is kicking a lot lately. He and Dixon had their first fight last week…I was changing Dixon’s diaper, so he was laying on the floor between my legs, and he kicked me rather hard in the stomach. I immediately got a sharp pain from the inside…I think baby’s sick of being pushed on and elbowed by the toddler and is standing up for himself.
Anyway, here’s your pic of the day:

Oct 08 2006

return of the pacie

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Dixon appears to be regressing…he’s enamored with his pacifier once again. We had a real hard time weaning…just did it two months ago. He fought giving it up and it took many weeks to get off the boob entirely. Then, my belly button popped out (as do all pregnant women’s), and I guess it looks like a nipple because he keeps lifting my shirt up and trying to nurse it. Ug. So one night I got fed up of batting him away and gave him the pacifier, and he sat still and quiet for hours. Now nightly he’s been wanting it.
We dropped him off at daycare Friday and Norine asked, “he’s not nursing anymore, is he?” I said no, it’s been 2 months. She said, “he’s putting his hands down the girls’ shirts.” He tries to do this with me too, and I keep batting his hand away and telling him “no.” Scott just says, “that’s my boy allright.” And he says “boobie” an awful lot, which is wierd because I didn’t think we were saying it that much.
Anyway…today we went to Walmart for a few things, then the park with the dogs and played for a bit. We just finished dinner, am going to make some popcorn, and then off to bed for Dixon while Scott and I catch up on Gray’s Anatomy and Battlestar Gallactica! I’ll put some new pictures up tomorrow when Dixon isn’t sitting on my lap pounding on the keyboard.

Oct 05 2006

another banner day

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Today is turning out to be a banner day. First, Scott walked into my office and informed me that I “was right” about his parking permit. Earlier, at home, he insisted he never got it, but I distinctly remembered it because he opened the envelope in my office. He later found it and said I Was Right!
Then, on my lunch break, I went out to the Botanical Garden at El Chorro Regional Park and snapped a bunch of pictures of flowers and just got to play with my camera. Very relaxing and I got some much-needed “me-time.”
And Dixon is having a great day too! One of the boys at daycare is having a birthday party with cake and a bounce house.
Work wasn’t too bad either…I finished a project and got a lot of work done.
That alone would make it a great day, but tonight is the season 3 premiere of Lost! Whoohoo! I hope nothing more bad happens to Claire this season…I happened to be pregnant during season 1 also and that was some scary stuff!
Here are the pictures I’m sure everyone has been waiting for…our weekend in Caruthers at the Fair. There are some great shots of Dix and Morgan.
Oh! and I’m 21 weeks pregnant!